Wavelite to Join Creative Destruction Lab

Wavelite is pleased to announce that we have been accepted into the Creative Destruction Lab’s 2018 Toronto Cohort as part of their “Prime” stream!

About Creative Destruction Lab

The wildly popular accelerator has been hosting programs since 2012 out of the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. It has since expanded to include locations in five Canadian cities as well as one in New York City.

The program, designed to help entrepreneurs expand their networks and navigate business challenges and technology roadmaps, provides early stage companies with mentorship and fundraising opportunities. For more information visit their website.

About the Prime Stream

Creative Destruction Lab categorizes each of its venture startups into subgroups based on their industry focus. Categories include Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, and Energy among others such as the recently added Space stream! Wavelite joins the ranks of CDL companies as a venture in the Prime Stream, which is designed to accommodate startups working in deep tech outside of the scopes of the other streams.

As a more general stream, Prime hosts a diverse set of companies from eco startups like Greenlid which was featured on Dragons Den to wearable startups like Thalmic Labs which has raised over 150 million dollars (CAD).

We look forward to working with the team at the Creative Destruction Lab and the mentor network on creating a more sustainable solution for the Internet of Things!

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waveliteWavelite to Join Creative Destruction Lab

Wavelite Co-Founder Charlotte Savage Named Forbes Fellow

Wavelite is pleased to announce that one of its co-founders and business lead, Charlotte Savage, has qualified to attend this year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 event in Boston as a Forbes Fellow! She was selected out of thousands of applicants and awarded the honor for her work on Wavelite and her dedication to positive social change.

The Wavelite team is excited to have our founder’s work on sustainable IoT recognized and validated through such a well established program like Forbe’s 30 under 30!

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waveliteWavelite Co-Founder Charlotte Savage Named Forbes Fellow

Wavelite among 100 Semi-Finalists to Compete for Startup of the Year

Wavelite has advanced to the semi-finals of the Startup of the Year competition. This year, organizers saw over five hundred applications from startups based in countries all over the world. The next round of the competition will take place during the fall of 2018 where our founders will have the chance to showcase Wavelite’s technology to judges, investors and others attending the Innovate Celebrate conference in Boston.

About the Competition

Established in 2006 by Tech.Co and the Consumer Technology Association, the Startup of the Year competition has played host to startups that have since become some of the worlds best technology brands including GrubHub, Groupon and Uber!

Be sure to check back in October when we hope to have some exciting news to share with you!

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waveliteWavelite among 100 Semi-Finalists to Compete for Startup of the Year

Wavelite Moves on to Expansion Phase of Smart Cities Challenge

We are pleased to announce that Wavelite has been selected to move on to the expansion phase of the Smart Cities Challenge presented by Philips Lighting. This marks the second phase of the competition after submitting a brief proposal to a group of judges ranging from executives, directors and project managers to academics and journalists.

Wavelite moves on from the first stage of the Smart Cities Challenge with undisclosed number of participants to the top 20. The next phase will see the competition narrow down to the top 5 teams for an opportunity to present in Paris, France!

The Smart Cities Challenge

The competition challenged innovative startups from around the world to think about how we can use lighting networks to improve our cities and everyday life. Competitors were invited to think of innovative solutions in a variety of different fields including city administration and operations, consumer applications, connected devices or “things” and other ideas involving the connection of things.

About Philips Lighting

The focus on lighting networks comes as no surprise since the competition is sponsored by Philips Lighting, a leading lighting solution provider with “the world’s most complete portfolio of LED luminaires, controls, software management platforms, apps and services.” The company has successfully deployed their smart city solutions in various cities around the world including Los Angeles and Buenos Aires.

We hope to be able to leverage the power of Wavelite’s data transmission technology to make city lighting even more efficient and intelligent!

Stay tuned for more updates as we progress through the competition!

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waveliteWavelite Moves on to Expansion Phase of Smart Cities Challenge

The Wavelite Impact

Wavelite reduces the power consumption of wireless connectivity by a factor of 1000 when compared with a classic bluetooth transceiver. This translates to less than 100 micro Watts of power.

What does this actually mean?

Reducing the need for batteries

Wavelite is able to combine its technology with energy harvesting methods such as photovoltaic cells to power devices. This replaces the need for a battery completely, meaning that fewer batteries will end up in landfills.

Most batteries contain toxic elements such as lead, cadmium and/or other hazardous materials. By depositing batteries in landfills, these chemicals find their way into our water supply and our oceans. Beyond human health concerns, these toxins also have detrimental effects to our environment.

Metals used for the production of batteries are of increasingly lower quality. These require more energy consumption resulting in more greenhouse gas emissions to mine.

Optimizing energy consumption

Use Case: Lighting

Take an average office floor with 19 LED bulbs. If we assume these are turned on for 8hr periods then the annual energy consumption of these bulbs is estimated to be 1110 killoWatt hours. Studies show that a truly adaptive control of lighting has an estimated energy savings of 35%. Wavelite thus has the potential to reduce the energy consumption of the lighting for this average office floor by 388.5 killoWatt hours. This amounts to 1.2 metric tonnes of CO2 for a four floor commercial building. In aggregate, Wavelite’s technology applied to smart lighting systems would reduce carbon emissions by 6.72 million metric tonnes in the US (considering an estimate of 5.6 million commercial buildings).

For more detailed information about the calculations and information explored in this article, see our technical document Wavelite and Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

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waveliteThe Wavelite Impact

Wavelite’s Mission

Communiqué de Presse

Pour diffusion immédiate

Co-fondatrices de Wavelite en mission pour transformer l’Internet des Objets

[Montréal, QC, 1 Juin, 2018—] Charlotte Savage et Bahar Partov, co-fondatrices de la start-up Wavelite, utilisent l’entrepreneuriat et leur expertise technique pour transformer la façon dont les capteurs IoD envoient des données.

La start-up est une compagnie de portefeuille de TandemLaunch, un incubateur et une société de capital- risque spécialisée dans la conversion de la recherche universitaire en entreprises commerciales.

Originaire de Montréal, Charlotte vient d’un milieu de sports compétitifs et de génie mécanique. Après avoir subi une blessure qui l’a forcée à perdre une bourse d’études, elle a transformé sa détresse en passion, en concentrant son attention sur la technologie biomédicale. Elle a rejoint TandemLaunch en 2017, dans l’espoir d’utiliser l’esprit d’entreprise pour maximiser son impact dans la domaine biomédicale.

Bahar Partov vient d’une formation en communication sans fil. Partov n’a commencé à envisager l’entreprenariat qu’en étudiant son doctorat au MIT, ou elle a rencontré Soodeh Farokhi, co-fondateur d’une compagnie de logiciels robotiques appelée C2RO. L’expérience de Farokhi à TandemLaunch a inspiré Partov à poursuivre son propre projet. De plus, Partov, originaire d’Iran, a été contraint d’envisager des opportunités en dehors des États-Unis en raison de l’interdiction de voyage instituée par Trump.

Après s’être trouvés à TandemLaunch, les deux femmes ont créé Wavelite, une start-up basée sur la technologie de rétrodiffusion dans le but de révolutionner la consommation d’énergie des capteurs IoD, créant un cadre plus durable pour l’avenir des appareils, des maisons et des villes intelligentes.

Wavelite est une entreprise spécialisée dans la réduction de la consommation d’énergie des capteurs IoD avec la technologie de rétrodiffusion, en utilisant les signaux WIFI, Zigbee et Bluetooth déjà existants dans l’air.


Pour en savoir plus ou organiser des interviews, veuillez contacter le responsable des relations publiques, Nicholas Lighter par téléphone à 514-531-7060 ou par email à

Sponsored by Tandem Launch Inc: 780 Avenue Brewster Montreal, Quebec H4C 2K2

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waveliteWavelite’s Mission

Wavelite Founders to Give Talks at AI For Social Good

Our co-founders Charlotte Savage and Bahar Partov will share their experiences with aspiring entrepreneurs as part of a six-week program called AI4Good.

AI For Social Good

The program opened its doors to 30 female undergraduate students from an array of backgrounds including biomedical research, computer science and engineering. The program offers participants the chance to explore and expand their skills in machine learning, prototyping and design.

The purpose of the Lab is to explore opportunities for mentorship, training, and exposure to apprenticeships and career opportunities in Montreal’s startup ecosystem for individuals who are disproportionately under-represented in the technology sector.

– AI4Good

The program, created by the OSMO Foundation, was launched in collaboration with McGill University, the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms, and DeepMind.

What will our co-founders be talking about?

Bahar Partov on Wavelite Technology: Hardware, Software & Analytic Models

Bahar will introduce students to our exciting technology and the potential that IoT presents to the creation of increasingly interconnected devices, people and cities.

She will also explore the power of analytic models in guiding decision making.

The aim of analytics is to help policy makers come up with more informed policies and to apply automated actuation mechanisms to connected devices.

– Bahar Partov

The goal of Bahar’s talk will be to introduce program participants to Wavelite and its coupling with data analytics. She will also be sharing exciting internship opportunities at Wavelite.

Charlotte Savage on Entrepreneurship: From Ideation to Creation

Charlotte will share stories of entrepreneurship with students, including various tips and tricks that she has learned and utilized over the course of her own entrepreneurial journey. She will be showing participants the ropes of entrepreneurship in her Entrepreneurship Crash Course style talk.

Topics that Charlotte will be exploring include:

  1. Finding your mission
  2. Creating your team
  3. Validating product/market fit
  4. Finding resources and mentors
  5. Getting your first customer


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waveliteWavelite Founders to Give Talks at AI For Social Good

Wavelite Co-Founder Charlotte Savage Wins C2 Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest

Wavelite’s business lead, Charlotte Savage, was recently honoured by C2 as 1 of the 25 “Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest” winners. Charlotte will be representing the Wavelite team at this years C2 Montreal event.

About C2 Montreal

C2 is a three-day event attended by over 6,500 participants from more than 50 countries.

The focus of the event is to empower innovators and changemakers through transformative experiences. Activities range from dynamic workshops to brainstorming sessions in fog and balloon filled rooms.

By thinking outside the box, coordinators hope to inspire creativity and spark conversations around bold and innovative ideas.

Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest

The Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest, launched by C2 in collaboration with the Claudine and Stephen Bronfman Family Foundation, sponsors 25 laureates recognized for their outstanding creativity and innovation.

With C2’s five guiding pillars:

  1. Seeing through new perspectives
  2. Living in ecosystems
  3. Nurturing innovation
  4. Leaving your mark
  5. Redefining whats possible

it is no wonder that Charlotte should be included in the list of winners for her work on Wavelite.

Catch Charlotte and Bahar at C2 2018!

Our technical lead, Bahar Partov will also be in attendance on Thursday. To arrange meetings with either of our co-founders, reach out to them personally via LinkedIn (personal accounts linked above).

The Wavelite team is proud of our co-founders and excited to learn all about what they will takeaway from this exciting and unique experience!

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waveliteWavelite Co-Founder Charlotte Savage Wins C2 Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest

Wavelite wins CES 2018 Eureka Park Climate Change Innovators Award


We are happy to announce that Wavelite took home the Eureka Park Climate Change Innovators award at CES 2018!

About the Award

The Eureka Park Climate Change Innovators award is presented to startups that display exceptional potential in combating climate change. Find out more about the award here. It was an honour to receive and a testament to our mission to create a sustainable alternative for the future of connectivity.

Wavelite’s First Show

It was our fist time attending the Consumer Electronics Show, which featured over 3,900 companies from more than 170 different countries. It was an exciting and busy week meeting with IoT game changers and discovering other impressive startups from around the world. The team is already counting down the days until next year’s show!

The Wavelite team is looking forward to a fruitful 2018 and wishing everyone  the same!

Related links:


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waveliteWavelite wins CES 2018 Eureka Park Climate Change Innovators Award

Wavelite and Sustainability

Wavelite and Green House Gas Emissions
Bahar Partov, Wavelite

Wavelite in fact can introduce a disruptive impact in resource utilization and green operations of Internet of Things. The impact on reduction of green house gases is multi- fold:

1) Reducing waste and electricity usage by enabling battery-free sensors: Wavelite reduces the power consumption of wireless connectivity by a factor of 1000 when compared with a classic Bluetooth transceiver, reducing the consumption to less than 100 of micro Watts of power. Hence Wavelite paves the way for energy harvesting e.g. using photovoltaic cells to power up the sensors. This in itself removes the need for batteries reducing battery waste into the land filled.

According to Cisco’s 11th annual visual networking index, Internet of Things (IoT) accounts for nearly half of connected device by 2020. The number of Machine to Machine connections should grow from 4.9 billion in 2015 to 12.2 billion in 2020. The energy required to charge a battery operated IoT device with a battery capacity of 1000mAh roughly equated to 3.3WattHour. We assume that each IoT device in average consumes equivalence of a 1000 mAh per year operating at 3.3V. Note that this is a rather conservative assumption. The total electricity consumption of 12.12 billion devices hence equates to 36,660,000 kw-hours. This totals up to 27,283 metric tone of Carbon Dioxide emission per year (according to the EPA green house equivalencies calculations).

The metals used to make batteries are a finite resource. As the most accessible and higher grade ores are depleted, mining operations target deeper or lower-grade deposits. For example, their extraction and processing requires more energy and generates more greenhouse gas emissions per tone of metal.

2) Reduction in building electricity usage:

By enabling a self-sustained IoT infrastructure for building automation, Wavelite connectivity contributes to utilization of electricity consumption, reducing green house gas emissions. As a quantitative example we choose the use case of smart lighting. This is where Wavelite battery free light sensors are used to measure ambient light levels in commercial buildings. Studies show a truly adaptive control of the lighting can result in 35% energy saving compared to a non-adaptive LED lighting system1. Now consider an office floor with an average of 19 LED bulbs that are used in average 8 hours per day. The annual consumption equates to 1110 killoWatt-hour. By applying a smart and adaptive lighting approach that utilizes the Wavelite platform, we reduce the consumption by 388.5 KilloWatt-hour per floor. This will be 1554 KilloWatt-hour for a four floors commercial building which equates to 1.2 metric Tones of carbon dioxide emission per commercial building. CBECS2 estimates that there were 5.6 million commercial buildings in the United States in 2012. Hence the reduction in CO2 emission scales up to 6.72 million metric Tones. The same argument applies to adaptive heating systems that consider per room temperature variations.

3) improving management practices on existing land use types:

Wavelite currently following a path to apply its technology in vertical farming scenarios.vertical farming uses 70 to 95 percent less water and over 90 percent less land, while harvesting 80 percent more per unit of area3 Agriculture uses 80 percent of freshwater and produces approximately 24 percent of world’s greenhouse gas emissions. The vision for a range of Wavelite products is to enable precision agriculture in remote areas and through the use of battery free sensors.

1 California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC):
2 Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey:
3 Vertical Farming: An Interview with Dickson Despommier:

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waveliteWavelite and Sustainability