Wavelite In Nutshell

Wavelite is an ultra low power, multi protocol independent, wireless connectivity platform for easy and secure deployment of remote data capture and management devices. Wavelite’s ability to seamlessly integrate into the existing network infrastructure can drastically reduce cost and accelerate deployment.

Hitchhike Ambient Waves

Wavelite’s reflecting chip enables data to “catch a ride” on existing ambient signals in the air without the need for an external and dedicated signal generator.

Ultra- Low Power

By eliminating the need for a radio, Wavelite is able to reduce the power consumption and increase the lifetime of wireless sensor nodes.

Constant Data Streaming

Wavelite allows sensors to transmit continuous data without significantly compromising device lifetime.

Protocol Independent

Wavelite technology can be adopted by a variety of existing wireless protocols targeted for wireless connectivity.

Our focus is to reduce power consumption in healthcare, smart cities, agriculture, and many other industries, allowing for a more sustainable ecosystem.

-Charlotte Savage, Co-founder


  • CES

    Eureka Park Climate Change Innovators Award.

  • FIA

    Smart Cities Startup Global Contest

  • C2

    Emerging Entrepreneurs Contest


  • TandemLaunch


  • Mitacs

  • Garage+

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