Ultra-Low Power Connectivity


 Backscatter Communications

In conventional backscatter based  communication systems,  a backscatter reader, which has a form factor as large as an RFID reader or as small as a wearable device, sends out a continuous carrier wave. The carrier wave travels through a certain distance and reaches a backscatter device. A portion of the carrier power is converted by the backscatter device into DC current and is stored locally as harvested energy. Another portion is reflected back to the backscatter reader by toggling an RF transistor. When the backscatter device toggles the RF transistor, the amount of reflected signal changes. Such changes can be detected by the reader and are interpreted as the information transmitted by the backscatter device. We make backscatter communication possible using conventional WiFi devices. This is where the carrier wave is  recycled from WiFi signals of an existing WiFi device and a separate  conventional WiFi  device  receives the backscattered signal.  Wavelite offers  extended communication range compared to a conventional RF ID reader, while   maintaining the  power consumption as low as 10s of micro-Watts.

*Disclaimer: Wavelite does not harvest WiFi energy, but uses WiFi as a carrier for sensor data transmission*

Power consumption breakdown: Wavelite vs. other Connectivity Platforms


Wavelite (3%)

 MCU + RAM (97%)

Power Consumption: 1.18 mW


Zigbee (97%)

MCU + RAM (3%)

Total Power Consumption : 36 mW


Bluetooth LE (99%)

MCU + RAM (1%)

Total Power Consumption: 101 mW


MCU + RAM  (3%)

LPWAN (97%)

Total Power Consumption:  36mW


WPAN (99%)

MCU + RAM (1%)

Total Power Consumption: 151 mW


WiFi (99%)

MCU + RAM (3%)

Total Power Consumption: 201 mW

Power consumption breakdown: Wavelite vs. other Connectivity Platforms


  • Maintenance Free

    Enabales  ambient energy harvesting Works with commodity WiFi devices

  • Easy to integrate

    Coordination among multiple sensors is supported Can be integrated with any low power sensor  

Use Cases

  • Smart home

  • Agriculture

  • Industrial

  • Wearable

  • Implantable medical devices

  • Automotive

Our Team

  • Bahar Partov Co-Founder, Technical Lead

  • Charlotte Savage Co-Founder, Business Development Lead

  • Ahmed Abdelsalam System Architect

  • Pooya Merat Software Developer

  • Pengyu Zhang Scientific Advisor

  • Dinesh Bharadia Scientific Advisor

  • Helge Seetzen Business Advisor





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