Ride your data on Wifi echos, sustainably.

Wavelite in a nutshell


Wavelite uses existing wireless signals that are readily available in the air.


It rides the sensor data on the existing signals.


It follows the protocol of the signal that it reflects upon.

As a result, Wavelite dramatically reduces the power consumption of the wireless sensors, drastically consuming less power and delivers throughputs in the same orders of magnitude as that of the recycled signal, achieving more reasonable data rates.

Wavelite is a hardware and software connectivity platform


Longer Lifetime

Wavelite rides sensor data on almost no power.


We pride ourselves on reducing IOT’s carbon footprint.

Echos Existing WiFi

Allows sensor data to ride existing signals and reflect them to their destination.

Constant Real Time

No more missing data with constant streaming.

Use Cases

Our focus is to reduce power consumption in healthcare, smart cities, agriculture, and many other industries, allowing for a more sustainable ecosystem.

Charlotte Savage, Co-founder

Our Team

  • Bahar Partov Co-Founder, Technical Lead

  • Dinesh Bharadia Scientific Advisor

  • Helge Seetzen Business Advisor

  • Pengyu Zhang Scientific Advisor

  • Charlotte Savage Co-Founder, Business Development Lead

  • Pooya Merat Software Developer

  • Safa Berrima Researcher (École Polytechnique de Montréal)

  • Jad Feghali Software Developer Intern

  • Nick Lighter Marketing Intern

  • Mostafa Darvishi FPGA Designer





(+1) 438-380-5435


780 avenue Brewster, Suite RC-016
Montreal, QC, H4C 2K1
  • Smart home

  • Agriculture

  • Industrial

  • Wearable

  • Implantable medical devices

  • Automotive